Bespoke Celebration Cakes

Peppa Pig and Family
A two-tier Peppa Pig birthday cake, £130
Unicorn Birthday Cake
A little girls birthday cake, £120
Ferrari Cake
A 100% edible Ferrari, £110
Gone Fishing!
A personalised fishing themed cake, £125
Gone Travelling
A personalised travelling themed cake for a keen explorer, £125
Minion Cake
A personalised Minion birthday cake, £125
Monopoly Board
A entirely edible monopoly board with sugar playing pieces, £125
Chicken Run
A birthday cake featuring the recipients two chickens, £100
June the Horse
Featuring June, the recipients horse, £125
Musical Cake
With handmade sugar instruments, £100
In the Garden
A garden themed birthday cake, £125
A model of the recipients cat, £160
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Our bespoke cakes start at £80 and offer something completely unique and personal to the recipient. To give you some ideas, a few of our previous creations are pictured below, but please get in touch and we will design something specifically for you. When thinking about your design, consider the number of portions, flavour of cake, interests/hobbies of the recipient, and if you have a budget you need to stick to. 

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